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Elite Autoworkz

Elite: New Car Detail

Elite: New Car Detail

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Just bought a new car, this is tailored for you!

Ideal For

New Vehicles
Cars less than 1 year old

Cleaning Process

  • Multi Stage Wash Utilizing 2 Bucket Method
  • Wheels cleaned using Alloy wheel cleaner
  • All Panel gaps cleaned with soft hair brushes
  • Door sills and rubbers cleaned
  • Glass cleaned
  • Ultra Fine Clay utilized to remove contaminants bonded to the paint
  • Chemical decontamination using Iron remover applied to the vehicle
  • Vehicle Rewashed and Dried
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed

Paint Correction Process

  • Single Stage paint enhancement, leaving a high gloss finish

Surface Protection Process

  • Carpro Ceramic coating [6 Month Longevity]
  • Tyres dressed
  • All exterior plastics protected
  • Interior trim and leather treated
  • Exterior stainless polished

Duration :1 to 2 days vehicle dependent

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